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Udemy: Perform an Excellent Neurological Bedside Exam

Learn the basic neurological exam. Useful for all those in the Neuroscience or Medical field
What you’ll learn
  • How to perform an excellent neurological exam
  • Discover the nuances of neurological testing
  • Create a working knowledge of the basic neurological exam
  • Learn some basic neuro anatomy
  • There are no course requirements or prerequisities
This course will teach you the basic neurological exam. I have taught this course to students for over 20 years. This lecture series will provide you with the skills needed to perform an excellent bedside neurological exam. I want to take the fear out of neurology. Follow the steps in this course, and you will be confident with your neurological exam. What you will learn:
  1. The basic neurological exam
  2. Mental Status Exam
  3. Cranial Nerves
  4. Cerebellar signs
  5. Motor skills
  6. Sensory Exam
  7. Different gaits
How this knowledge is useful:
  1. If you are a medical student going on a neurology rotation
  2. A medical resident who needs to know the neurological exam
  3. A nurse who needs to learn a good neurological evaluation
  4. All EMS to better help triage and treat their patients
  5. Primary care physicians to better evaluate their patients
  6. All who work in the ED to better identify neurological problems
Who this course is for:
  • All are welcome to take this course and learn how to perform a neurological exam
  • Great for medical students
  • Useful to EMS providers
  • Useful to all that work in the ER
  • Great for nurses
  • Excellent for primary care physicians
  • Helpful for medical residents