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Udemy: Drone Photography Basics

Learn four basic drone photography fundamentals that will change the way you produce aerial images
What you will learn
After this quick course, you’ll have a strong fundamental understanding of how to plan, film and edit your drone photos. This course walks you through the entire process from scratch using a sample subject located in Germany.


  • No previous knowledge is required. It would be good if you owned a drone. If you’re looking to buy a drone, this course is still good for you to enrol into.
I’ve been flying drones for the last five years. In this free course, I share my best tips on how to capture, edit and produce excellent aerial images. This course will walk you through Drone Photography Fundamentals by showing you behind the scenes footage of how I position the Drone in the air to get the perfect shot. Additionally, I use sample raw images captured from the drone and walk students through the tool I use to edit photos along with my though process.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who’s looking to learn basic fundamentals on Drone Photography
3 sections • 6 lectures • 50m total length