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Udemy: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your First Home

Learn how to buy a home in an American Live-Work-Play Community. Comes with Downloadable Home Shopping Checklists.
What you will learn
Understand the current U.S. housing market.
How to choose home features that match with your desired benefits.
Overcome low valued appraisals.
Understand what home inspections are for and what is included in them.
Make strategic offers to avoid bidding wars.
Select the right real estate agent for your home buying process.
Consider alternative down payment options.
Understand the difference between a New York style closing and a California closing.


  • This is an entry level course providing an introduction to the American home buying experience.
  • No prior requisites are necessary.
Learn about the ten basic concepts that you will need to understand when purchasing your first house, condo, or town home.
  • Review of the current market conditions
  • Saving for a home and the down payment
  • Getting pre-qualified for a home loan
  • Finding a real estate agent
  • Choosing the idea neighborhood
  • New construction v. existing homes
  • Home selection: features v. benefits
  • Navigating through bidding wars
  • Dealing with deal-killers: the appraisal and the home inspection
  • Closing the sale!
Following the Home Buying Journey: Move sequentially through the typical buyer’s journey, from checking out home prices (market conditions) to saving for a down payment and applying for a loan at your local bank or online mortgage lender, to working with a real estate professional that will help you find your dream home, to closing the sale! Course Content: This course includes 11 sessions of video presentations, teaching you each concept that you will encounter when shopping for a home loan, comparing new construction features and benefits versus the pros and cons of buying an existing home. You will learn what to review in a property appraisal and be presented with an overview of what the home inspection is (and why it’s important). Lastly, with all of the “due diligence” duties complete, and the bank’s final approval of your loan commitment, you’ll be ready for the closing table! In conclusion, by understanding these ten concepts, participating in this learning series will clear up much of the ambiguity surrounding the home buying process common among beginners and will help to improve the quality of your future home shopping experience.
Who this course is for:
  • This course is for anyone who wants to know how to buy their first house, condo, or townhome in the United States.