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Udemy: Photoshop Retouching Essentials

This Adobe Photoshop masterclass will teach you Photoshop retouching + photo editing. Bonus: 7 Photoshop courses in 1.


  • You’ll need to have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer
  • You must have the passion to learn Photo Retouching


Hello! My name is Igata Paschal and I’m a photographer and graphic designer that has been using Photoshop professionally since 2010. Yes, that just means I have a lot of pro experience to share with you. I’ve also been teaching other creative artists on how to use Photoshop for the last 10 years. Check out what a recent student had to say about this Photoshop course… “Paschal is obviously very much in love with what he does. This is equally important as knowing stuff and being able to teach stuff, in my opinion. I am 100% satisfied with this course. He responds to questions within a day! And he obviously cares about what his students think. I totally recommend this course for beginners. He covers everything and he seems to know everything about photoshop.” ~ Kevin …and another… “A heart felt thanks to Igata Paschal for such a comprehensive Adobe Photoshop Retouching course. Highly recommend course for every photographer & graphic designer to become more creative and productive.” ~ Mohammed So, I have a question or two for you. Are you new to Photoshop and Photography and/or struggling to learn Retouching on your own? Then, this course is perfect for you. In the beginning you’ll learn the basic Photoshop retouching tools and as you work your way through the course we’ll cover more advanced Retouching projects. You can then take your new skill and begin getting paid for it! How? Either apply your knowledge to your own images for your photographic studio or take on freelance work for editing, re-touching, color correction. etc. here’s everything you need to know in this course:
  • Use Retouching Tools In Photoshop
  • Works With Masks in Photoshop
  • Retouch Portrait Images in Photoshop
  • Retouch Beauty Images in Photoshop
  • Retouch Outdoor Images in Photoshop
  • Work with Shadows and Highlights
  • Do Color Grading on Images
  • Set up Contrasts for Images
  • Work Selectively with Colors
  • Process Images in Camera Raw
  • Process Images in Capture One.

Who this course is for:

  • Photographer who need to learn Photo retouching
  • People who want to become Retouchers
  • people who want to take retouching as part of their career
  • Retouchers who wants to Improve their Current Skills
  • People who are passionate about Photography and Retouching