You are currently viewing Essential Web Developer and SQL Skills For Beginners

Essential Web Developer and SQL Skills For Beginners

Learn Practical Skills Used By Professionals

What you’ll learn

  • Build Web Applications
  • Build a calculator
  • Build a digital clock
  • Build a todoList
  • Build an interactive quiz app
  • Create HTML Document
  • Mark Up Text
  • Create Links
  • ways to apply CSS
  • Style multiple elements
  • Change background color
  • Where to place JavaScript
  • Use developer Console
  • Create Variables
  • Use conditional statements
  • Create Arrays
  • Use various data types
  • Create functions
  • Use various operators
  • Understand what SQL is used for
  • Understand basic database concepts
  • Install PostgreSQL Server
  • Load Sample database
  • Perform basic CRUD Operations
  • Perform Table Joins
  • Use various SQL operators
  • Use Aggregate Functions


  • Basic knowledge of using a computer
  • Basic knowledge of using the internet


Web development and SQL knowledge is a must-have 21st century skill. The ability to read,write,and understand code  as well as interacting and querying databases has never been more-important,useful,or lucrative as  it is today.Computer code has forever changed our lives . Some people can’t even make it through the day without interacting with something built with code. If you’re ready to learn the magic behind web and app development and interacting with databases  but don’t  know a style sheet from a string , this course is the perfect place to start.Explore the basics of HTML,CSS,JavaScript and SQL. Requirements
  • Computer
  • Internet
What You Will Learn HTML
  • Anatomy of an HTML Element
  • Creating HTML Document
  • HTML Attributes
  • Marking Up Text
  • Creating Links
  • ways to apply CSS
  • styling multiple elements
  • The Box Model
  • Margin and Padding Property
  • changing Background Color
  • Where to place JavaScript
  • Using developer Console
  • Statements
  • Expressions
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Data Types
  • Conditional Statements
  • Operators
  • Functions
  • Events
Building Web Applications Projects
  • Build a calculator
  • Build a digital clock
  • Build a todoList
  • Build an interactive quiz app
  • Database Concepts
  • Installing PostgreSQL
  • loading sample database
  • Filtering data
  • Sorting data
  • Querying data
  • Removing duplicate records
  • Table Joins
  • CRUD Operations
  • Using Operators
  • Aggregate Functions
By the end of this course you would have acquired enough skills to get creative building web based applications and interacting with databases .

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners to Web Development
  • Absolute beginners to SQL