You are currently viewing Udemy: Fitness Crash Course: How To Build The Body Of Your Dreams

Udemy: Fitness Crash Course: How To Build The Body Of Your Dreams

A simplified approach to an overcomplicated topic
What you will learn

Learn how to perform each exercise in a correct and safe manner through instructional videos

The role of calories in muscle building and weight loss

Proteins, Carbs & Fats: How to use them to achieve your fitness goals

How to lose fat and build muscle

How to create your own workout program

How to calculate your calorie needs based on your fitness goals

How to create your own diet plan

Natural Fat Burners: How to use nutrition to accelerate the fat burning process

Natural Testosterone Boosters: How to boost your testosterone production through nutrition

Muscle Growth: Learn the process of muscle growth in order to adjust your focus to the right areas

Rules to Hypertrophy: Incorporate these 5 rules to stimulate muscle growth

2 of the most important tools you can use to optimize your workouts and maximize your results

The most efficient exercises for each muscle group

How to boost your workouts & accelerate your progress

How to create sustainable change to your life

The role of supplements in muscle building & weight loss

How to enjoy the finer things in life without losing your progress

Thanks to the internet, there is an excessive amount of information available on fitness, nutrition & weight loss. It is an overcrowded landscape which makes it difficult to navigate and decide what you need and what you don’t need. Fact is that most of the information you read online is either false or unimportant. This course is intended to give you a simplified, yet elaborate, overview of the key principles of muscle building and weight loss. By the end of this course, you’ll have all the tools you need to become independent and create the body of your dreams!