You are currently viewing Udemy: Tableau Fundamentals for Aspiring Data Scientists

Udemy: Tableau Fundamentals for Aspiring Data Scientists

Learn Tableau from scratch, create rich visualization and share with others
What you will learn

Install Tableau Public

Understand the core concepts of Tableau – Data Types, Measures and Dimensions, Aggregation and Granularity, Discrete and Continuous fields

Common Chart types – Bar Chart, Line Chart, Map Chart

Calculated Fields

Sorting and Filtering



This course is designed by considering the fact that you are an absolute beginner, and I will teach you even the most basic concepts in Tableau from scratch so that after completing this course you would be able to create the rich visualizations easily and confidently. In this course, you will get the problem at the start of the section, and then we will together solve this problem and learn all the concepts while solving it.