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Udemy: Options Trading for Beginners

All you need to get started on options trading
What you will learn

Options Trading

Psychological Trading Mistakes

Why 90% of traders lose 90%+ of their money

When to cut losses (Stop Loss)

CALL and PUT debit spreads

Iron Condors

Covered CALLs

TA (Technical Analysis): EMA, MACD, BOLLINGER, and RSI


Investment courses are becoming increasingly popular. Consumers now have a wide range of options to choose from when searching for the best course to suit their needs. These types of courses primarily range from free basic material that allows the end-user to work through it at their own pace to more structured type lessons that charge between $40 and $80 and have classwork. Course structure can even become more complex whereby they can replicate “boot camps” and workshops, however, these usually tend to cost a few thousand dollars. (Investor Junkie) Regardless of price, demand for these classes is continuing to grow as different forms of investment become increasingly mainstream and more approachable through various new and innovative platforms. It has been so appealing to the everyday consumer and beginner investor that it has quickly become on par with options trading, another popular investment option among beginners and novices alike. (Business Insider, 2018)

This increasing demand to learn and become savvier investors by everyday consumers has led to a slew of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on these subjects. Developers range from individual investors to leading universities around the world, and from basic level courses to advanced and expert level lessons. Courses for the most part have started following a similar structure over the last year. Classes are often free or low cost, usually, last six weeks in duration, are within three to five hours per week, and vary between offering a certificate and not. In this course we will go over all what you need to get started on options trading. You will gain the fundamentals needed to set you ahead on the learning curve for options trading.

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