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Udemy: Best International Maths Olympiad/ Olympiad Mathematics-2021

Best Online course for International Olympiads Maths 2021 through White Board Animated Videos for mathematics Olympiad

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn the techniques required to stay out of the many and stay No.1 in competitive exams.
  • Time management tricks for problem solving are discussed very prominently.
  • Guaranteed progress can be seen on a regular basis with our concepts and Teachings.
  • Strategies that boost the student’s confidence and make them work like a human calculator.
  • Here you don’t learn Math but you learn things what you need to solve questions of Olympiad.
  • Brief discussion of all the concepts what all you require to reach the target score of 100%.


  • Students must have the scrutiny towards learning new techniques to solve math problems trouble-free, precisely and quickly.
  • Student must have Zeal to stay out of the crowd and succeed in the Exam with good grades.
  • We are teaching for the Exams of Olympiad Arithmetic from the basics so no prior knowledge is important.



Are you or your children or your friends struggling with Math? Do you want to become a human calculator? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself in this course and have fun with Math. This course contains the world’s fastest Vedic math techniques. It contains many solved examples, and exercises which will be help you . This course contains examples that are explained in every detail.

Here I am going to tell you how our course is different from others

1. Our course is designed through White Board Animated Videos, So you can avoid seeing the face of trainer, which improves your attention on your work.

2.Your trainer is an expert with 15 years of experience in teaching for competitive exams, so there’s no doubt about him not able to explain you the concepts clearly.

3. You will get the best techniques as per exam standards in 2020.

4. Here you see how to apply the learned techniques in real life world and this kind of teaching is rare.

5. Here we don’t teach but we train you to solve by yourself.

6. We the testprep24 team is available 24*7 to clarify your doubts, so don’t hesitate to ask away your questions anytime.

7. Guaranteed score improvements you can see on a regular basis.

Total Syllabus classification:

1. Vedic Math techniques to improve Calculation Speed

2. Number Theory and Classifications

3. Arithmetic

4. Algebra

5. Geometry

6. Logical Analysis

7. Statistics

8. Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency.

9. Problem Solving Techniques ( This section includes how to eliminate the Answer Choices from Multiple Choice questions without solving them exactly along with Quantitative Comparisons and Data Sufficiency)

Who this course is for:

  • Students appearing for any Competitive exams and having any planning to stay ahead of others.
  • Students who want to improve your calculation speed and manage their time during exams.
  • Students who want to save time and improve accuracy by including Vedic Math techniques in their real examinations.
  • The students who are planning to revise all Arithmetic concepts.
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