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Udemy: Enhancing Memory Retention : A Gateway For Students To Excel

Learning & Memorizing With Fun
What you will learn

Learning Techniques And Memory Retention

Very helpful for Parents and teachers to find out the Mode of Learning of child/ student

Right parenting to support them in building their confidence and achieve any Goal they set in life.


It is essential for every child, student, teacher, parent rather I would say all to learn memory enhancing techniques and those techniques which would help growing our mind’s potential, strengthening the mind and learn to run the subconscious mind in a better way. I will be sharing lot of techniques and information that will help you in enhancing the power of your memory by at least 10 times. This video emphasizes on how a memory is formed or captured. This is especially beneficial for people looking to enhance their parenting and teaching skills and for the students who wish to have rock solid confidence during exams and interviews. This course is about Memory & Learning, Mode of Learning, Parenting and the linkage between all these topic to succeed in life and achieve the Desired Goals. If you are looking to enhance your memory and retaining it 10 times. You must remember 5 things- 1. Create a link, 2. Link should be unique, 3. There should be “you” in the link, the mind captures and remembers memories which it can resonate with. There will always be an I or me element in your memory.4. Image should be colorful and 5. having some sound in it. See this video to clearly understand the concept with example.

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