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Udemy: Learn Basics of Java – For Beginners

Fundamentals of Java Programming Language
What you will learn

In this course, students will learn features of java, data types & operators as well as writing a simple programs using different control statements in java


The course on ‘Learn Basics of Java- For Beginners’ is designed to provide the basics of Java Programming language. The aim of this course is to help the students to

  1. Understand the history and features of java.
  2. Understand Variables, data types and operators in java
  3. Write simple programs using control statements.

This course is divided into six different sections. The first section is Introduction of Java which gives the idea about the history and features of java such as Simple and Object Oriented, Compiled and Interpreted, Platform Independent, Portable, Robust and Secure, Multithreaded, High Performance and Dynamic. The second section demonstrates the installation of JDK and Notepad++. The third section demonstrates how to write a simple program, compile and execute it in Notepad++. The fourth section is of variables, data types and operators used in java. Also, this section explains the practical demonstration of operators. The last section is the control statements which contain decision-making statements (if, if-else, nested ifs, if-else-if ladder) and looping statements (while, do-while, for). This section elaborates on how to write java programs using control statements.

Topics are

  • History and features of Java
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Different Operators used
  • Control Statements – Decision Making and Looping
  • Installation of JDK and Notepad++
  • Practical demonstration
  • Quizzes for practice purpose
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