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Udemy: Productivity for Students: Study Smarter, Not Harder

Powerful learning strategies to increase your personal productivity: Studying SMART with ProjectElon founder Mike Elon
What you will learn

How to decrease the number of hours you study by studying smarter

How to increase your productivity by implementing strategic daily habits

Strategies to quickly and effectively combat procrastination

The most important and effective learning strategies for exams

How to make your studying more fun and engaging

How to develop the mindset of a high-performance student


Level up your productivity and transform your grades with powerful learning strategies taught by ProjectElon founder Mike Elon.

With over 700,000 subscribers on his study advice YouTube channel, join Mike as he shares how he transformed his 1.3 GPA at high school to a 4.0 GPA at university.

He’ll be going in-depth with real examples and stories of his own university experiences, as well as using examples and stories from some of the thousands of students he has coached too.

There are countless classes explaining all the hundreds of personal productivity tips, hacks and tools, but for this class, Mike pulls out the most effective productivity strategies that can be implemented into your life right now to directly boost your grades.

Whether you’re a high school student or a mature post-graduate, this class will give you the tools you need to decrease the number of hours you study while simultaneously improving your grades – the very definition of studying smart. You’ll learn how to:

  • Study smarter rather than harder
  • Implement advanced memorisation techniques
  • Significantly improve your productivity
  • Make your studying more fun and engaging
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Utilise advanced study skills
  • Cultivate a personal development mindset

To achieve exceptional grades, studying 10+ hours a day is just not necessary. After taking this class, you’ll have a powerful set of strategies to make your studying more efficient and streamlined. Because of your increased productivity, you’ll be able to achieve more while studying less.

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