You are currently viewing Udemy: SOLAR ENERGY Design Course(With SketchUp & PVSYST)

Udemy: SOLAR ENERGY Design Course(With SketchUp & PVSYST)

ON_GRID Solar Energy Course. Components, Site survey, Design, SOFTWARES,Pricing ,Technical & finanical Reports
What you will learn

Design your PV SYSTEM

What is solar energy system ?

Solar Radiation and PV fundamentals

Power & Units

All components of the system

Solar Panels

The inverter

The structure types and Fundamentals

Temperature Effect according to structure type

Circuit Breakers in the solar system

Most important points in site survey

Specific steps to get best design

Energy consumption

Sizing DC and #PV Modules needed

Inverter Sizing

system area

SketchUp From design

Skelion Plugin in SketchUp for solar system

Shadow simulation with SketchUp

PVSYST System report

Energy yield by PVSYST

Design a system

Installation procedure & Aesthetics & Appearance

System pricing

Payback period calculation

Technical Report

Financial Report

  • The Solar Energy course (from zero to complete design), will give you exactly what you need to know about solar system to start your career path or build your own system
  • One of the MOST IMPORTANT features of this course is that you will learn the design through specialized design software (PVSYST & SketchUp) through which you can visualize the shape of the system and analyze the shadow, and calculate the energy yield
  • In this course, you will learn what the solar system is and what its main components are, and explain each of them in a practical way
  • You will also learn the installation procedure of the practical system, aesthetics, and appearance
  • With the practical examples, you will be able to build full Visualization about the real field and how you can deal with it professionally
  • You will learn how to price the system and the calculation of simple Payback period
  • You will also be able to make a technical and financial report professionally for your customers or the company you work with
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