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Udemy: The Kanban Course – for Individuals and Software Teams

Task and Project Management

What you’ll learn

  • Kanban Task and Project Management


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Learn how to use the tool used by teams and individuals all over the world.

One of the things every creative professional has to manage is tasks and projects. Regardless if we work on our own or as part of a team. The number of software apps that promise to make this part of our job easier is growing every year. Yet at the core of many of them is a methodology called Kanban.

Kanban is easy to learn. And doing that allows us to design our task and project management in the way that serves us best. Whether we use software for that or just a whiteboard and sticky notes.

Kanban for Individuals and Small Teams

  • What Kanban is and where it comes from
  • How to create a board
  • How to create tasks (a.k.a. cards) and how to prioritise them
  • How to work with a WIP Limit and increase focus
  • How to enhance our board and make it more flexible
  • How to design a Kanban workflow that specifically meets the needs of a specific project
  • Finding the best task size

Kanban for Software Teams

  • Designing a board for the Software Development workflow
  • Working with “Done Rules” for increased quality
  • Using WIP limits to indicate workflow imbalances
  • Estimation for Kanban teams: working with tasks of same size

I am a certified Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master. Working with agile teams has taught me a lot about project management in creative environments. No project is like the other. Teams change, customers change, requirements change. For that reason it is important to have a system that can change with you. And that is easily understood by coworkers and customers alike.

What’s great about Kanban is that it is flexible enough to grow from one-person daily task management to a tool that is used by entire teams and complex workflows.

Who this course is for:

  • Creatives, Solopreneurs, Small Teams, Software Developer, Software Teams
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