You are currently viewing Udemy: The Complete Pharmacy Assistant Preparation Course in Canada

Udemy: The Complete Pharmacy Assistant Preparation Course in Canada

Learn The Required Skills To Help You Land A Job As A Pharmacy Assistant In Canada

What you’ll learn

  • The Complete Pharmacy Assistants Preparation Course in Canada


  • * No previous pharmacy education required *
  • Be passionate about Pharmacy Assistant Career


** Last updated on July 28 2021 **

** This course is up to date and will continue to be up to date, once you buy it, you will keep receiving updates automatically with no extra cost. **

**This course will also help US students as there are few similarities**

** Your Certificate Will Be Available As Soon As You Finish The Course **

Are you looking for a career as a pharmacy assistant? Are you a pharmacy assistant and would like to improve your skills and take your career to the next level? If Yes, then this course is for you!

In this course you will learn:

– The Pharmacy system here in Canada and different pharmacy categories and how to differentiate between them.

– You will learn how to react in case of a rubbery or a forged prescription.

– You will learn how to read a prescription and how to decipher the prescription instructions (How to read the SIG).

– Understand the Pharmacy workflow, Medication formulations, and the difference between Generic and Brand names.

– You will learn the difference between Creams, Ointments, Lotions, and Gels.

– you will have general knowledge about some Products and Medications in the Pharmacies especially emergency medications like Narcan, Naloxone, and Epipen.

– Learn important calculations that you need to know to let you master how to calculate days supplies and how many tablets, capsules, pills, or milliliters you should dispense for the total duration of treatment, as well as showing you how to dilute 99% Alcohol to 70%.

– You will learn about provincial and private insurances, how to submit claims, and tackle common rejections.

– You will learn about Ontario Drug Benefits and helpful tips to process prescriptions like prescriptions for newborn babies before their health card gets registered with the provincial benefits plan (ODB).

– You will learn the most common intervention codes that we need to process rejected claims.

– You will learn about pharmacy software in general and going through the manual for Kroll software, In which I will explain in details how to search and create patient’s profiles, how to enter prescriptions in the system and process them, how to read the receipts and make price adjustments if needed, and a lot more.

Who this course is for:

  • Pharmacy assistant , Pharmacy Students, Pharmacy Technicians, pharmacy

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