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Udemy: Energy Body Awareness – A New Sensitivity

Go beyond the physical!
What you will learn

Energy Body Awareness

Energy Body Sensitivity

Hand Sensitivity


Muscle Relaxation

Hand Habituation Releasing

Energy Flow


Energy is everywhere – but how often do we really feel that fact?

To sense the Energy Body one need only to do the exercises of the physical body that have been proven to reveal this kind of sensitivity

With this awareness a new way of experiencing opens

Energy Body Awareness reveals:

  • How oxygen moves through the blood
  • How a change in blood pressure feels
  • Details in the palms of the hands and fingers
  • A sensitivity to air on the surface of the skin

For these lessons we draw on some of the most fundamental exercises from the traditions of Chi Gong and Tai Chi. We bring ourselves back to the importance of grounding and the significance of simply keeping one’s feet firmly connected to the ground

All of these exercises are explained and demonstrated in real time and easy to follow guidance

Energy Body Sensitivity can:

  • Bring deep feelings of relaxation
  • Focus and quiet the mind
  • Open up feelings of bliss and joy
  • Increase touch sensitivity
  • Expand sensory perception
  • Create firm direction in one’s life
  • Allow for consistent and steady work energy flow
  • Bring rest to the body
  • Release tensions in muscles and joints

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