You are currently viewing Udemy: Simply Mathematics: Introduction to GCSE Maths for 2022/2023

Udemy: Simply Mathematics: Introduction to GCSE Maths for 2022/2023

For Students based in the UK entering Year 10 or Year 11
What you will learn

Students will develop abstract learning skills necessary to understand the GCSE Mathematics Syllabus


We cover the basic yet fundamental concepts absolutely necessary for your GCSE Mathematics exams. If you seek guidance on how to improve your chances on acing the exams then look no further. This mini-course deliveries a series of short videos aimed to cover some basic topics, required for GCSE Maths.

This course covers:

  2. An introduction to Algebra
  3. Explains the idea of a Function.
  4. Reviews some past concepts from year 7, 8 and 9
  5. Fractions
  6. Logarithms

The course also contains multiple choice questions which we highly suggest you attempt. The questions should allow you to put into practice the concepts you would have understood.

Our course is presented by King. A statistician by profession, King shares a deep passion for contemporary teaching. We aim to improve a student’s level of abstract thinking by breaking a complex idea into several simple ones. You will see this idea repeat itself throughout our courses.

Our small but talented team have worked over the last 4 years to deliver a Full GCSE Course for students preparing for the 2022 GCSE Mathematics examinations. The full course starts on the 3rd of September, 2021 and covers the entire GCSE syllabus covering the following boards:


– Edexcel


We hope you enjoy this course and participate in the quizzes. Good luck!

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