You are currently viewing Udemy: NLP Core Skills – Basics

Udemy: NLP Core Skills – Basics

NLP was created in the 1970s at University of Santa Cruz by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

What you will learn

Explain What is NLP

Explain the Benefits of NLP

Describe the Four Pillars of NLP

Explain Model, Strategy and Technique

Explain NLP Modeling

Explain What are Representational Systems

Describe the Various Submodality Techniques

Explain What are Meta Programs

Explain the Reframing Technique

Explain the Mirroring and Matching Techniques

Describe the Different Satir Categories

Explain the Role of Sensory Acuity in NLP

Explain What is Anchoring

Describe the Various Stages of Learning

Explain How Criticism is Handled using NLP


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a process of modeling the conscious and unconscious patterns that are unique to each of us in such a way that we are continuously moving towards a higher potential. Hence, NLP is the study of our thinking, behavior and language patterns so that we can build sets of strategies that work for us in making decisions, building relationships, starting up a business, coaching a team of people, inspiring and motivating others, creating balance in our lives, negotiating our way through the day and, above all, learning how to learn.

Thus, NLP is the study of human excellence. “What’s the difference, which makes a difference?” has been the one question NLP experts all over the world have been driven by. Thus, NLP has become an explicit and powerful model of human experience and communication which makes it possible to describe any human activity in a detailed way so that it can be taught and done by others. This allows one to make deep and lasting changes quickly and easily. “NLP is the structure of experience. When used systematically, it constitutes a full strategy for gaining any behavioral gain.”

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP provides techniques for quickly and effectively changing thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that get in your way. Thus, NLP is about how we organize our thinking, feeling, skills and behavior.Neuro is about the mind and how it works. By increasing our awareness of the patterns in our thinking, we can learn how these thought patterns influence the results we are getting in work and in personal life. The key to finding personal and business success comes primarily from within ourselves and learning about how we think, enables us to tap into our inner resources.

Linguistic is the language we use to describe and categorize our world and to make sense of our experience. Our language is our life. What we can say is what we can think and what we can do. Learning to understand and master the structure of our language is essential in a world where we trade increasingly through our ability to communicate.

Programming is the repetitive patterns of thought and behavior that can help or hinder us. We run our lives by strategies, in a similar way that a computer uses a program to achieve a specific result. By understanding the strategies by which we run our lives we give ourselves choice – choice to do more of the same or choice to enhance our potential and our individual excellence.

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