You are currently viewing Udemy: how2Py 101 – Beginners Python Crash Course

Udemy: how2Py 101 – Beginners Python Crash Course

Straight to the minimal basics that you need to start writing Python Programs !

What you’ll learn

  • Learn and understand the very basics of Python.
  • How to code simple programs in Python
  • How to use Python to GET data from website and parse it.

Course content

15 sections • 77 lectures • 6h 55m total length


Hey Everyone,

Welcome to how2Py 101! Often times I got messages from my friends and collogues saying even though there are tons of resources to learn python on the internet, almost everyone just gave up because it was too much at once.

This course is totally focused on the beginners who have never done programming but want to learn it.

I focus on only the core things you need to start programming in python.

The Essentials.

This course is not for a Certification preparation.

This course is not a deep dive into Python.

This course is meant to be short and simple to let you get started on coding.

Once you start, things will come to you as you practice. You’ll start understanding codes.

How to solve problems. Unfortunately, most beginners courses try to teach everything at once, often overwhelming everyone and leading to students giving up before reaching this point.

Which is why I kept all the videos short – 4 to 7 minutes and tried to cover only the basics you need to start programming.

Like always, if you ever need any help, please do not hesitate.

If you have any audio/video problems or have suggestions, feel free to message me!

If you love the course or hate the course, let me know 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who is interested in learning Python.

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