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Udemy: Learning Powerpoint features

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What you will learn

Basics of Power Point, Every single detail about powerpoint


Growing up as a student, I always had issues being a good presenter of my work. Learning power-point was difficult back then. I practiced and here I am with a course to explain all right from scratch. You can find all the details to learn Power point for free in this course.The reason to publish this course free was with the intention of helping hand to every young one and also the grown up ones to learn the basic. I have used Microsoft Power point 2019 version for creating my content videos. But, the content created can be practiced in any of the basic as well as advanced versions. If you are aware of Power point basics, go to the lecture number 10 directly. The last video has some tips which will ensure that your work will be presented much better compared to what you present now.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask and I will try to answer all your questions within 24 hours.

The only message I want to give is his is a beginner level course, I would recommend you to practice more and use the different tools like Smart Art to represent your work more impressively.Try to incorporate every single detail discussed in the course and get hands on training by using the software for free. Your Slides represent you!

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