You are currently viewing Udemy: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker concepts for 2021

Udemy: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker concepts for 2021

if you want to learn the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker concepts, then this course is for you!

What you will learn

You will learn Microsoft Power Platform App Maker concepts

You will learn Design business solutions concepts

You will learn the Create solutions

You will learn the Analyze and visualize data



In this course, you will be learning many concepts related to Microsoft Power Platform App Maker, This course will be helpful to acquire the all the crucial knowledge in Microsoft Power Platform App Maker. You will be more knowledgeable after completing this course. you will be confident in Azure after this course.

This course is intended to whose who want to acquire the knowledge for the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker. Microsoft Power Platform App Maker are the experts when it comes to designing and implement Azure solutions. While designing and implementing such solutions, Solutions Architects must think about key aspects of Azure, including compute, network, storage, and security. They also advise key stakeholders and translate their business requirements into reliable cloud solutions. The content in this path can help you to test your knowledge and build the beginning foundation for your journey to the Microsoft Azure.

You will be having the knowledge of many concepts in Microsoft Azure that will help you to gain the knowledge of the Azure. Data platforms and storage are incorporated into the same basic idea: store your ones and zeros for your app delivery and analytics for better business decisions. It starts with storage accounts, and moves into Azure SQL databases or CosmosDB, and even further into Data Lakes and Azure Synapse Analytics. It will also cover the movement and transformation of data with services like Data Factory and Azure Data Bricks. You will be learning all of these concepts in this course.

You will be learning below topics

  • Design business solutions (35-40%)
  • Create solutions (45-50%)
  • Analyze and visualize data (15-20%)

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