You are currently viewing Udemy: Fundamentals of Functional JavaScript

Udemy: Fundamentals of Functional JavaScript

Want deepen your knowledge in Functions & Functional programming? This course is for you!

What you will learn

Core concepts of JavaScript Functions

Core concepts of Functional Programmming


Hello, and welcome to our Foundational JavaScript Function Programming Course! I’m Arthur Bandeira, and I’ll be your instructor in this concise, but informative curriculum that will introduce you to the core concepts of JavaScript Functions.

In this course, we’ll cover topics and subjects that are of essential importance to every developer.

Since the advent of the procedural model, Functions have had a prominent role in software development, even to the extent of having a whole programming paradigm that revolves around them, which is known as Functional Programming.

The concepts are presented here through one of the most popular programming languages in the world —Javascript—  and can be applied just as effectively to any object-oriented or multi-paradigm language.

We will cover some of the main concepts in Functional Programming and thoroughly explore the idea of Function and its practical applications, such as High-order and First-class Functions, as well as learn highly important methods like Map, Filter and Reduce.

In addition to all this free content, we included several challenges with their respective answers to further enhance your learning experience.

So,  if you are interested in deepening your knowledge of JavaScript Functions and Functional Programming, this is the right course for you.

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