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Udemy: Job Interview Skills Workshop for Professionals & Creatives

Proven techniques to get you hired in your field

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn how to plan their careers moves with interviews
  • Students will learn how to prepare effectively for interviews
  • Students will learn the key materials to bring in and impress during the interview
  • Students will learn how to close an interview for lasting positive impressions
  • Students will learn appropriate clothes for interviews


  • No interview experience required, just an attentive mind, a document editor, and decent clothes.


Are you looking to master your next interview for a creative, design or service position? Is the internet too broad to help without any key actionable steps? If so, then this is the course for you.

The Interview Skills Workshop is an easy to follow course that equips you with the fundamentals of preparing for, acing and following up on interviews and evaluations to get your next dream job or client. I bring my experience as a Senior Creative, Hiring Manager and Mentor to help you find your voice in an interview while building connection with your interviewer to get the job.

In this course, I also give some preparation for those information interviews, and additional homework and “batting” practice, where you building interview skills get to know more about the company type that you want to work with.

Hundreds of aspiring creatives have successfully taken my mentorship and teaching to advance in their careers. In this workshop, I break down what you need to know, how to practice and prepare for your interview, and how to execute that perfect pitch. I really want students to get the best positions and build their career, so putting this course together was more than a thrill, and I know it will empower you to success.

Here’s what you get in the Interview Skills Workshop:

  • Clear pre-interview, during interview and post-interview preparation
  • Step-by-step Actionable guides for each stage
  • Interview fundamentals, so you what type of interview you are headed to
  • Guide for choosing the right company, and making your decision
  • Real world examples to follow in preparing to succeed
  • Techniques to get you in the best mindset
  • Strategy for getting the job you want, with employers chasing you.

If you’re ready to build your skills and get that dream interview, then enroll today!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for creatives starting out and those with experience aiming for new career opportunities.

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