You are currently viewing Udemy: How to buy NFT on Opensea without paying Gas Fees

Udemy: How to buy NFT on Opensea without paying Gas Fees

Learn to buy NFT on Opensea profitably without paying gas fees, increase your portfolio and flip and resell NFTs.

What you’ll learn

  • How much you can earn through NFT
  • Opportunities in NFT
  • How to select the best NFT
  • How to setup Metamask crypto wallet
  • How to buy NFT
  • How to avoid gas fees
  • How to resell the NFT
  • How to avoid NFT scams
  • What is the best NFT scanning method


  • Nothing. Just internet connection.


This NFT training will teach you buying and selling of NFTs professionally without paying high gas fees.

You will learn to:

  1. Create a wallet
  2. Setup and connect your wallet
  3. Transfer polygon/matic coins to your wallet
  4. Swap your coins into wrapped ethereum
  5. Connecting wallet with the opensea
  6. Exploring different NFTs available to purchase
  7. Finding the best NFTs to buy
  8. SECRET filter to find best NFTs that’s going to increase in Value
  9. Buy the NFT
  10. Checking the NFT in your collection
  11. Checking the offers for your NFT
  12. Listing your NFT to sell
  13. Creating your own NFT listing
  14. Buy Professionally to increase your portfolio
  15. Place offers to bid other NFTs
  16. How to find new NFTs

Everyone is getting into NFTs. How can you differentiate yourself from others and TURN PROFIT through NFT while also doing it as a hobby such as buying interesting NFTs that are of ART value, collectibles and holds a SAFE FUTURE for your investment.

This course is for people who are:

  • Interested to learn how NFT works
  • How they can buy NFTs
  • How they can make own NFTs
  • How they can FLIP NFTs
  • How they can get offers and give offers
  • Learn about how NFT ecosystem works
  • Progress towards setting up their own NFT

NFT is not as difficult as it looks and how people think it is. For some people in the beginning it might look difficult, but once you get the gist of it there’s no stopping and it will become a fun and interesting experience that you will be glued to the NFT ecosystem.

Whether you’re an artist or just want to do it as fun there are opportunities for everyone.

Who this course is for:

  • NFT Buyers
  • Art Collectors
  • NFT Collectors
  • Art Enthusiasts
  • Small Business Owners

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