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Udemy: The Secret Smile / Programming Your Energy

How to Change How You Feel Anytime You Like


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What is the Secret Smile/Programming of Energy?

It is an ancient technique that can be used to rewrite your personal belief and background energy. This will allow you to take control of your emotions, energy and responses to the world any time you like. Long used in monasteries as a way of overcoming attachments to the world, this is now available to everyone.

Contrary to popular belief most people historically did not end up in religious orders for the sake of finding divinity. Earning an education, a guaranteed meal or escaping other problems in society were far more common. As a result, many of those coming into closed orders had a variety of what can charitably be called “issues.”

The Secret Smile was a convenient way to deal with life’s traumas that made people more apt to get along. Especially those from radically different backgrounds. Nothing diffuses a difficult situation like feeling good.

Fundamentally, the Secret Smile technique utilizes pleasure to drive personal evolution and you can use this to drive your own development! A few minutes per day is all that is needed.

So come join SixtySkills for this adventure and drive your own personal development, happiness and success forward using the wisdom of the ages.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in meditation
  • Anyone interested in magic, yoga or witchcraft
  • Anyone who wants to improve their health
  • Anyone who wants to change who they are

Course content

4 sections • 14 lectures • 57m total length
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