You are currently viewing Udemy: Microsoft Project Beginner To Advance Online Course

Udemy: Microsoft Project Beginner To Advance Online Course

A Basic Microsoft Project Tutorial Covering Basic Features, Gantt Chart, Calendar, Resource, Task, Baseline, Plan Etc.



  • Basic proficiency with Windows user interface
  • Some familiarity with MS Office will make things even easier – but not absolutely required
  • Basic concepts of project management – Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitor & Control, and Closure of projects.
  • Microsoft Project Trial version can be used – if you don’t already have this (search on Microsoft’s Office site, registration required)


A specially designed Microsoft Project Online Course allowing you to join from anywhere.

Microsoft Project is a software product that can be used in project management to assist the organization of the project. The program allows users to use a specific set of tools to understand and monitor project schedules and budgets, present project data, and organize resources and workforce.

This Microsoft Project course will teach you the skills to manage and maintain control of multiple projects more efficiently for your organization. You will learn to use its flexible and intuitive tools and solutions to help create the project plan, track progress, adjust resources and create dynamic reports. Make your project more visible, for others to see the status of a project and boost collaboration.

Why Train With Officeintro?

It’s no secret that training is an important investment for any organization. To keep you competitive we provide proactive training. This way your team is educated on the newest version of the application utilizing best practices. With MS Project training by Officeintro, your team is given the tools they need to succeed.

Advantage of Officeintro’s MS Project Training :

  • Comprehensive: Integent’s training is a comprehensive approach to using Microsoft Project. Students realize measurable performance improvement & greater project success.
  • Achieve Success: Because our training is result-oriented, students are able to apply what they learn in our courses immediately. Hit the ground running with our comprehensive training.
  • Best-Practice & Tools: Combining in-depth content with classroom discussion & the sharing of unique experiences & knowledge ensures maximum absorption of new concepts & techniques.

MS Project Training, Why it is Important:

Microsoft Project is a complex scheduling tool with many features and functions. In addition, the product is the standard for project scheduling in the project management industry. For example, the software enables project managers to build, manage and track project schedules from the simple, to highly complex.

On the other hand, learning how to use the MS Project scheduling software is not always easy. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way. Once you learn a handful of techniques with MS Project, you will begin to feel more confident using it. Consequently, after continued use, it will become less complex and your confidence will increase.


Some of the benefits of this course are:

Benefit 1: Become efficient in managing lists of tasks in Project.

Benefit 2: Fine-tune your project plans with custom project calendars.

Benefit 3: Speed up your scheduling by using task relationships and dependencies.

Benefit 4: Get to understand recurring tasks in MS Project

Benefit 5: Control your schedule by task constraints and task deadlines.

Benefit 6: Use Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to bring sanity to multi-project environment.

Benefit 7: Simplify your scheduling and communication with custom views and tables.

Benefit 8: Become adept at task types (Fixed Duration, Fixed Work, Fixed Units)

Benefit 9: Understand the behavior of the effort-driven scheduling.

Benefit 10: Learn how to understand and profit from the Critical Path Method.


  • World’s most popular project management software – globally utilized
  • Developed by Microsoft – a world-class leader in software
  • Can be used within any organization, for any Project Management
  • Use Earned Value Analysis and other advanced features
  • Amalgamate Microsoft Project skills with other Office programs

Key Features of this Microsoft Project Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included
  • After-course computing sandbox included

You will Learn How To:

  • Leverage Microsoft Project to plan your project
  • Manage project schedules and resources
  • Create reports and dashboards to effectively share project data
  • Track progress and monitor variances between targets and actuals

Microsoft Project Course Outline :

Project Assignment Planning

  • Understanding Assignments
  • Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • Using the Task Entry View
  • Using the Assign Resources Dialog
  • Understanding the Duration Equation
  • Setting the Cost Rate Table
  • Assigning Material Resources
  • Assigning Cost Resources
  • Using Effort Driven Scheduling
  • Replacing Resources Assigned to Tasks
  • Understanding Resource Overallocation
  • Leveling Overallocated Resources

Project Execution

  • Understanding the Execution Process
  • Viewing the Critical Path
  • Working with Project Baselines
  • Tracking Project Progress
  • Rescheduling Uncompleted Work
  • Rescheduling a Task
  • Setting Tasks to Inactive

Variance Analysis, Plan Revision, and Change Control

  • Understanding Variance
  • Analyzing Project Variance
  • Analyzing Date Variance
  • Understanding Custom Views
  • Creating a Combination View
  • Using the Organizer
  • Revising a Project Plan
  • Updating the Project Baseline

Basic Project Reporting

  • Reporting in Project
  • Using Enhanced Copy and Paste
  • Using the Timeline View

Advanced Project Reporting

  • Understanding the Visual Reports
  • Customizing an Existing Report
  • Creating a New Report
  • Printing a Report
  • Managing Reports
  • Using Visual Reports

Project Management Overview

  • What is a Project?
  • Understanding the Project Management Process

Microsoft Project Overview

  • Introducing the Global .mpp File
  • Understanding the User Interface
  • Understanding the Ribbon
  • Navigating in Project
  • Understanding Gantt Chart Symbols

Inside Project

  • Understanding Views
  • Understanding Tables
  • Understanding Filters
  • Understanding Groups

Project Definition

  • Creating a New Project
  • Defining a New Project
  • Set Project Options

Project Task Planning

  • Understanding the Task Planning Process
  • Understanding Change Highlighting
  • Using Basic Task Planning Skills
  • Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Creating Milestones
  • Using Task Dependencies
  • Setting Task Constraints and Deadline Dates
  • Assigning Task Calendars
  • Understanding Duration-Based and Effort-Based Planning
  • Using the Task Inspector to Determine Task Drivers Viewing the Task Path for a Task
  • Creating Recurring Tasks
  • Planning for Known Fixed Costs

Project Resource Planning

  • Defining Project Resources
  • Creating Work Resources
  • Creating Generic Resources
  • Creating Material Resources
  • Creating Cost Resources
  • Sorting Resources in the Resource Sheet View
  • Inserting New Resources in the Resource Sheet View

Who this course is for:

  • Project Management Office Staff
  • Project Managers / Senior Managers interested in planning, scheduling, tracking, reporting
  • In a nutshell, anyone who manages projects find MS project a friend
  • New Project Managers with no experience of any tools
  • Self taught users of Microsoft Project – who only used it only for basics – like creating a schedule
  • Solid foundation for people new to Microsoft Project
  • Project managers who want to quickly grasp MS Project
  • PMP candidates seeking Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • Quality staff members
  • Engineering Process Group members

Course content

1 section • 5 lectures • 37m total length
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