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Udemy: Speak English impressively

Gateway to a bright career and impressive personality


  • Just an intermediate knowledge of English language. Not suitable for absolute beginners.
  • A zeal and passion to impress people around you with your impressive English


This course is intended to be taken up by those who want to be not only fluent but impressive English speakers.  Following are the prime elements of this course –
1) Idioms

2) Phrases

3) proverbs

4) Vocabulary word

a) What is an idiom –

“A group of words meaning of which is different from the meaning of individual words”

Example – To spill the beans

b) What is a phrase –

“A group of words that have a particular meaning when used together”

Example – Break a leg

c) What is a proverb –

A well-known advice by sages and wise people in form of a phrase”

Example- Do unto others as would have them do unto you

There is no gainsaying that all these elements are integral part of modern day English. One can leave an excellent impression on the gathering be it social or professional if one uses idioms, phrases, proverbs while speaking. Moreover no one can undermine the importance of rich vocabulary while expressing your views and thoughts.

This course will also go a long way in your writing, reading and listening skills.

To conclude, one thing that I can assure you is, if you complete this course whole heatedly and sincerely it will open the flood gates of career growth for you.

I am always available for clearing your doubts.

Who this course is for:

  • Students : This course is meant for school and college students to improve their English skills.
  • Professionals: working professionals will find this course immensely beneficial as English skills are of paramount importance in any profession
  • Businessmen: The more skillful you are in English higher the chances of attracting new customers
  • Employees : Employees having excellent spoken English skills are manifold more likely to get promoted

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