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Udemy: A Beginner’s course on Fuzzy Logic and it’s Application

From Theory to Practical


  • Familiar with Secondary school Mathematics


All traditional logic habitually assumes that precise symbols are being employed. It is therefore not applicable to this terrestrial life but only to an imagined celestial existence. [Bertrand Russell, 1923 British philosopher, and Nobel Laureate].

The quotes above, all of them legendary, have a common thread. That thread represents the relationship between precision and uncertainty. The more uncertainty in a problem, the less precise we can be in our understanding of that problem. It is ironic that the oldest quote, above, is due to the philosopher who is credited with the establishment of Western logic – a binary logic that only admits the opposites of true and false, a logic which does not admit degrees of truth in between these two extremes. In other words, Aristotelian logic does not admit imprecision in truth. However, Aristotle’s quote is so appropriate today; it is a quote that admits uncertainty.

This course is specially designed for beginners in Soft computing – Fuzzy logic. It will cover the basics of fuzzy set theory and presents different problems where one can apply this concept. In this course, you will learn how to implement fuzzy logic for problems involving uncertainties and vagueness. This course will act as a foundation course for the researchers working in different areas of science and engineering.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in soft computing , fuzzy Logic , optimization and are familiar with secondary school mathematics

Course content

4 sections • 7 lectures • 53m total length
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