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Udemy: Mastering Chopin Etudes (Op. 10 No. 2)

Mastering Chopin Etude Op. 10 No. 2 in 30 days. Classical piano study for acoustic keyboard instrument. Classical music


  • Access to a piano for the duration of the course. Intermediate skill level which is defined as have a basic knowledge in music theory and an ABRSM level 9 equivalent


Did you ever feel like the Chopin Etudes were simply forever out of your reach? With this course it will be possible for you, with the skills you currently possess, to make the Chopin Etudes (a vital foundation for the core repertoire of any serious pianist) not only playable, but performable at a very high level once you make it through this course.

In this course, I act as your guide showing you the way to mastering the Chopin Etude Op. 10 No. 1 in 30 days. Together we go through the complete process with clear objectives every step of the way. I will hold your hand and personally take you through each stage of learning this Etude.

I will even give you my personal fingering for every part of the Etude so that you are left with no questions or doubts. I will explain the proper way to execute each passage and portion of every part.

Not only will you learn the valuable technical aspects that these etudes have to teach you, but you will also learn their musical techniques and how to express them fully. This truly brings into harmony the full vision of the Chopin Etudes.

All aspects of each Etude are covered fully: from pedaling and phrasing to articulation, fingering, slow/fast tempo execution and even interpretation!

The goal of this course is to provide you with the necessary knowledge to cut great amounts of time in your journey of learning the Chopin Etudes. I have taken the knowledge and practice of countless professional pianists and pedagogues and combined that with the experience attained from over 15 years of teaching students of a staggering variety of abilities and distilled and condensed everything you need to learn and MASTER this Etude in 30 days!

It has been said that it can take a lifetime to master even a single Etude; and although there is a degree of truth to that statement, it does not represent the full scale of what it means to learn and master anything. If that were the case, then nobody would ever have anything to show for their work and progress. The deeper meaning to be derived from a statement like that is that a successful life is dependent upon constant striving and that the bar of perfection is always being raised as new achievements are reached.

What this course is offering is a clear and guided path to the ability to play this Chopin Etude at a performance level. It offers to take you by the hand and guide you to success. Just remember when someone takes you by the hand, they are not carrying you. You must still walk yourself. But with this hand holding yours, there is no chance to go astray. You will come out on the other side with a new Etude at your fingertips.

Sincerely from your teacher,


Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate to advanced classical pianists. This course will be a delightful challenge to any intermediate pianist while advanced pianists will glean fresh perspectives and approaches to these masterful works: the Chopin Etudes

Course content

5 sections • 12 lectures • 58m total length
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