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Udemy: Oracle Database in Docker and ODBC configuration

Oracle Instance – access it within the container and outside container, install ODBC driver, configure DSN


  • Basics of Docker desktop


In this course, you will learn the complete configuration of the Oracle Database Enterprise edition in Docker. Starting from Installing and configuring the Docker desktop. There are 2 types of backends for the docker desktop to run. One is the Hyper-V and the other is the WSL2  backend. In this course, the Hyper-V backend is enabled.

The 2 versions of Oracle instances are created in docker, one with port mapping and the other without that. The other applications or tools can connect to the oracle instance only if the port mapping is enabled for that container. The steps are explained to install Oracle ODBC driver in windows. The ODBC Driver for Oracle enables an application to access data in an Oracle database through the ODBC interface. Any application, it can be java or DOTnet application, wants to connect to Oracle instance and do the database operations, can use DSN to connect to Database. The steps to configure DSN in windows are explained here.

The external tool SQL developer is used to connect the databases hosted in Docker.  Performed the SQL operations in the SQL editor. Created a new user in the Oracle instance and the same user is used to connect to the Oracle instance from ODBC data source and from SQL developer. Modified the user password and verified.

Who this course is for:

  • Application Developers and the administrators

Course content

5 sections • 12 lectures • 56m total length
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