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Udemy: Improve English by Films Comprehension

Watch Movies in English and learn! Enrich your vocabulary, listening comprehension, grammar skills

What you’ll learn

  • How to enhance your English listening comprehension skills
  • How to understand native speakers when they talk fast
  • Quotes from famous cinema
  • Common features of connected speech in English
  • Practise your English grammar


  • Enjoy watching cinema and TV shows in English
  • Pre-Intermediate level of English


Watching cinema in English and learning – sounds too sweet to be true.

Well, it is real! We like the English language, as well as films. That’s why we created this course. We will take you through several films in English from all genres. You will have exceptional experience in:

  • Summarizing the plots of the films;
  • Giving your opinion about the movie;
  • Using specific English expressions.

This course is fun and interactive, with additional activities in each section. We deliberately designed it to work with your mind and your words.

It’s suitable for students with a B1+ level who want to:

  • comprehend British and American English;
  • get better at writing;
  • work on their grammar;
  • learn to tell concise summaries and plots;
  • give opinions on films.

To grow into a fluent English speaker, it’s essential to recognize native English speakers. When you could understand native speakers, you could speak fluently like them.

Do you find it troublesome to hear native speakers when they talk fast?

Would you like to connect and fit in with native speakers during your events?

Do you want to watch cinema, serials and TV shows in English?

So this course could be helpful for you. Using plots from our favorite movies, you’ll recognize how to comprehend complicated details of films in English.

By the end of this course, you’ll grab fast, native English comprehension. You’ll realize what to do to continue developing your listening skills with your favorite movie, serial, or TV show in English.

Who this course is for:

  • English language students who desire to enhance their comprehension skills
  • English learners who like to watch cinema and TV shows in English
  • Learners who like to travel or who plan to move abroad into English language environment
  • All students who want to learn English by watching cinema

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