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Udemy: How to Express your Stories with Cartoons

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Become a Cartoonist by Learning how to Draw and Edit Cartoon Comic series from your imagination.

What you’ll learn

  • Cartoon Comic Drawing
  • How to draw Cartoon comic Series
  • How to develop short stories and Ideas
  • How to color your Cartoon Drawings
  • How to edit your Cartoon Character comic Series


  • Photoshop is required for this course
  • BallPoint Black Pen
  • Scanner
  • Passion



Are you Creative with  Stories but You Don’t really Know how to bring it to life visually? This Course is for you.

Hello; I’m T.S Amachree and I’m a Professional Cartoonist.

In this detailed Cartoon Comic Series Course; I will be sharing with you my knowledge &  secrets in Drawing and Developing Cartoon Comic series from your Imagination.

This course will teach you easy yet powerful techniques and tricks to help you create amazing Comic Series that will impress your friends and family.

I will take you from the Blueprint idea sketch to the Final Colored & Edited Comic Strip.

I will show you how to build more episodes of your cartoons quick and easy wih real time examples.

This will help you create you own Cartoon comic series Professionally; Build your Comic Book; for your Friends on your social media or designed for clients (blogs, Magazines, Children Books & newspapers) to earn extra money.

What You will Learn

  • Learn How to Build Cartoon Comic Series
  • The Secret of Drawing Consistent Cartoon Character.
  • How To Edit & Color With Photoshop.
  • Draw Your Ideas.
  • Add Texts To your Comics
  • How to Edit the background of your comic series.

Each Lesson is very Easy to Understand- Step-By -Step Guide ( in Real Time.)

Protected by a 30 Day Guarantee 100%.

Being a Cartoonist is most fulfilling, Freedom to Express yourself.

Its a rare pleasure sharing my gifts with You.

You have  Great Stories to inspire the World.

All You need is passion to Learn & Action.

Enroll Now and You’ll gain instant access to the entre course and Extra Resources.

Kick-Start Your Cartoon Comic Artist Career.

T.S Amachree ( Your Instructor & Friend)


Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Cartoon Artists
  • Artists
  • Anyone passionate about Drawing Cartoons
  • Children book Graphics Designers

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