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Ansible for Network Automation By Examples

Learn Ansible with some real-life examples of how to use the most common modules and Ansible Playbook

What you’ll learn

  • Ansible in real life use cases
  • Ansible code by modules
  • Ansible code specific for Network appliance
  • Ansible backup configuration

Course content

39 total mins


  • Ansible basic knowledge


Learn the Ansible automation technology with some real-life examples.

Every successful IT department needs automation nowadays for bare metal servers, virtual machines, could, containers, and edge computing. Automate your IT journey with Ansible automation technology.

I’m going to teach you example by example how to accomplish the most common IT Professional tasks to automate your Network Tasks.

Each of the lessons summarizes a specific use case for the Modern Network Infrastructure. Each lesson is focused on a module from the most important parameter with some live demo of code and real-life usage. Each code is battle proved in the real life. Console interaction and verification are included in every video.

Maintaining a backup copy of your network appliance configuration is a good practice for all IT professionals. You could automate this process for Dell EMC, Mikrotik, and many more network appliances using Ansible.

A mundane activity like baking is the most used Network Appliance Device is included. Each example is using the secure SSH connection protocol to guarantee sensible data are encrypted and reserved.

Maintain your infrastructure network the most efficiently as possible with Ansible Automation, the simple human-readable automation technology.

Are you ready to automate your day with Ansible?

Who this course is for:

  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • IT Professional
  • Cloud Engineer
  • DevOps

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