You are currently viewing 3 important self-reflection for career planning

3 important self-reflection for career planning

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Create your Personal Purpose starts from self-awareness

What you’ll learn

  • Can imagine future career planning. Be a Specialist? or Generalist? Considering side business and be an entrepreneur.
  • Reconsider Personal Purpose, meaning of existance
  • Create Personal-values, one of Self-awareness
  • Find Strengths, one of Self-awareness

Course content

1 total hour


  • None


About this course

  • l It is considered important in this rapidly changing era to demonstrate ‘Personal Purpose*’ to develop our business, career planning and well-being.

  • l The objective of this course is to help you understand the concepts related to Purpose, Self-awareness including Personal-values, Strengths and apply them in your daily activities. This learning will connect to your behavior change including creation of new habits, communication style and so on.

  • l It contains curated and time-efficient programs.

What you’ll learn

Chapter1. Program concept

1. This program will be suitable for

2. Program overview

3. Our business circumstances, need to change management

4. Route of business success

5. How to create Personal Purpose?

Chapter2. ‘Self-Awareness’ especially Personal-values & VIA Strengths

1. Personal-values

2. VIA Strengths – introduction

3. VIA Strengths – self-work

4. Wrap up of Self-awareness

Personal Purpose creation and next step

  1. Personal Purpose creation based on Corporate Purpose

  2. Career planning topics – Compass

  3. Thanks for your attending!

At a glance

• Institution: Roy Ashizawa

• Subjects: Purpose, Self-awareness, Personal-values, Strengths

• Target: Business key person

• Prerequisites:

— Video learning

— Recommended books in the Chapters may improve your understanding.

KPIs & Testimonials

Significantly exceeded benchmark in workplace experiences, #20 Participated

  • ‘I thought it was very good to consider multiple perspectives’ for future career

  • ‘It was very beneficial not only to deepen my understanding of my mindset, but also to broaden my horizons’

Who this course is for:

  • People who concern about future career
  • Company worker

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