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Leadership, EQ & Project Management-The Art of Team Building

Building peak performing teams, PM methodologies, real world lessons, avoiding major pitfalls, EQ, and PM leadership.

What you’ll learn

  • The 11 major pitfalls of project management with downloads.
  • Earn 13 PDUs for PMI!
  • Application of skills with 7 tools provided as downloads for your leadership, team building, EQ, and PM skills.
  • Receive your personal Project Workbook to be downloaded immediately.
  • Learn how to apply specific leadership styles to set up and lead your teams to success by avoiding the major pitfalls that plague 75% of all projects.
  • Acquire an understanding of emotional and social intelligence so you can reduce stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, and unnecessary conflicts.
  • Learn proper delegation for team members based on strengths and core values so you can free yourself from long hours and missed personal time.
  • Learn how to plan your day in a way to get more done by doing less.
  • Learn a proven system to lead teams, a structured road map to success.
  • Learn tested leadership skills to build and inspire peak performing teams.
  • Learn how to build a culture receptive to change instead of a reactionary culture consumed by chaos.
  • Learn to acquire stakeholder and senior management support at the beginning of your project and maintain it throughout.
  • Learn the essentials of project management communication, team management, negotiation, leadership, and the power of influence within PM.
  • Learn how to set the right tone for the project from start to finish by setting expectations up front and building confidence in all stakeholders.
  • Learn how to navigate conflict and the difference between negative and healthy tension.
  • Learn the power of earned value management and how to set up EV even if your company does not have this as a standard practice.
  • Learn the best project management practices that are taught by PMI and used on government sectors such as the DOD and DOE.
  • Learn how to set up a project in a way that will give you more confidence in its success.
  • Learn the power of confidence and why being confident and speaking with intention will propel your career.
  • Learn how to tailor your projects development approach based on the needs of the customer.
  • Learn how to create the performance measurement baseline so you can track how you perform against your plan.
  • Learn how to utilize a rolling wave method to gather information in phases.
  • Learn the hybrid approach and how agile and predictive combined is the ultimate advantage in project management.
  • Learn how to forecast risk ahead of realization and decrease overruns and schedule delays.
  • Learn how to create the organizational breakdown structure (OBS).
  • Learn how to establish and create the requirements assessment matrix.
  • Learn how to set up work packages and control accounts.
  • Learn how to establish management and contingency reserve.
  • Learn how to create the scope, schedule, and cost baselines.
  • Learn how to create the submittal registry and what can lead to major scope creep if included.
  • Learn how to create the work breakdown structure and why it is the single most important white board session you will ever have.
  • Learn the top estimating techniques that are taught to by top cooperation’s.
  • Learn the language of project management that is used globally.
  • Learn how to analyze and perform a make or buy decision.
  • Learn how to be confident, structure, and succeed with meetings and build plans.
  • Learn the how to manage, coach, and set up teams.
  • Learn how to prepare the project plan, brief management, provide options, stay truthful, and protect your career.
  • Track the budget and manage its key drivers to obtain the best cost performance possible.
  • Identify the risks up front, mitigate them early, and manage your project to stay within the risk budget.
  • The two most effective things you can do to manage quality, and ensure the customer is happy with the project result.
  • Use earned value management (EVM) to objectively estimate future cost and schedule performance.
  • Ask stakeholders for guidance when your project is in trouble in the most productive and constructive way.
  • Learn earned value management and PMI project management methodologies with real world application and lessons learned.
  • Apply what you have learned immediately with a quiz at the end of each module.
  • Facebook group included for interaction with other students and questions.

Course content

5.5 total hours


  • There is only a requirement to want to learn.


As project managers we have all the responsibility, but none of the control. Having incredible leadership skills can be what takes your career to the next level and drives your teams/projects to success.

The importance of being a leader is the new norm if you want to advance. PMI Pulse data shows most organizations place nearly an equal emphasis developing leadership skills as they do technical skills.

This course is a journey of self-awareness developed through the teachings of emotional intelligence, leadership styles and their appropriate applications, building peak performing teams, and setting up projects for success. You will learn the value and application of earned value management, organizational awareness, and proper project management methodologies taught in a fun and interactive manner.

This course covers the top 5 things that I have experienced that plague us all as PMs and cause the chaos effect and overall project failure:

1. Inability to recognize and accept that change is inevitable and how to be proactive

2. Lack of leadership development among project managers

3. Lack of proper project management processes, tools and proper training programs

4. Lack of understanding as to how the organization’s systems function with one another

5. Lack of clear communication at all levels internal and external (vision, mission, value, understanding, goals, wants, needs, responsibility and accountability).

Our Course is based around enhancing all these area. Transforming from something that plagues us to strategies that benefit us, and how to lead your teams to success by avoiding the major pitfalls that plague 75% of all projects.

Leadership and management are equally important within this ever changing cooperate culture. This course is based around real world experiences and lessons learned from a seasoned project manager. It is formulated so that others don’t have to learn the hard way by avoiding major pitfalls, navigating and thriving in change, and building peak preforming teams.

By the end of course You will be able to thrive in any project. You will be the most trusted PM in your organization because of your ability to organize, influence and execute with precision.

You’re not going to just learn methodologies that make you a better employee.

You’re going to bring up your personal value and your life and career currency!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner project managers looking to learn real world and technical experience that aligns with PMI.
  • Experienced project managers who are interested in learning a perspective from a fellow PM.
  • Project managers wishing to expand their education and earn PDUs for PMI.
  • Individuals who may not have the official PM title, but who are working within undefined PM atmosphere or role.
  • Engineers, executives, or others who work close with project managers and wish to learn more about PM tools and processes.

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