You are currently viewing The Ultimate Pie Baking Course: Bake a Pie for Every Season

The Ultimate Pie Baking Course: Bake a Pie for Every Season

Learn baking The Ultimate Pies at your home using very simple tools and ingredients.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to make the perfect flaky pie crust
  • Learn how to bake four large pies for every season of the year
  • Make quick mini heart-shaped no-bake pies
  • The best way to serve and enjoy the pies.

Course content

1.5 total hours


  • No baking experience needed!


We decided to bring you “The Ultimate Pie Baking Course: Bake a Pie for Every Season” because we once fell in love with baking pies, and felt that mixing some flavors together was so magical and beautiful, so we had to share this course with you so you can also enjoy preparing and baking pies yourself, at your home, using very simple tools and ingredients.

You can enjoy the pies we have for you, with your loved ones on any season and occasion around the year. It will bring sweetness & coziness to any gathering, and will sure leave a lasting and unforgettable taste and memories!

The Ultimate Pie Baking Course, is fun, easy and enjoyable to watch, and intended for everyone, from beginners to expert bakers! Whether you haven’t been to the kitchen before, or you are an experienced baker, you’ll learn how to make The Ultimate Pies easily!

The course is divided into 2 main parts:

Part 1: Bake a Pie for Every Season (Four Pies)

            o Preparing a flaky pie crust

            o Summer Pie: Apple

            o Fall Pie: Pumpkin

            o Winter Pie: Pecan

            o SpringPie: Blueberry

Part 2: Quick Mini Heart-Shaped No-Bake Pies

             o Milk Chocolate Mini Pie

             o Strawberry Mini Pie

             o Key Lime Mini Pie

             o Custard Fruit Mini Pie

For every pie, we show you: 

           a) All the tools and ingredients you need to prepare it.

           b) How to prepare it and bake it.

           c) How to serve and enjoy it, the perfect way!

Happy baking, and we hope you find a flavor you like.. or as we do, like them all!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced baker, this course is for you.

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