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Question and answer series by Intelligent Freshers

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Answer the questions

What you’ll learn

  • Students will apply the fundamentals to solve the questions
  • Students will understand the various important questions useful for competitive examinations
  • Students will use the basics of electronics to solve the questions
  • Students can use the discussions to solve similar kind of questions

Course content

2 total hours


  • You should be the engineering students or graduate in the Electronics, Electrical or Instrumentation Engineering


The course discuss about the questions and answers on the following subjects and useful for the GATE, ESE and other competitive examinations.

1. Electric Network

2. Control Systems

3. Analog Circuits and OP-AMP

4. Electronic Devices and Circuits

5. Electromagnetics

6. Digital Circuits

7. Analog and Digital communications

8. Signals and Systems

9. Mathematics

The course duration is two hours and useful to the engineering graduates those who are preparing for the competitive examinations.

The course has 27 questions with their answers and the explanation you can use as tool to solve similar kind of questions.

IF you have engineering background from Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation then you can opt for this course.

Try to read the question carefully and try to solve yourself first and then go though the question videos to check for the correct answer.

Try to focus on the fundamentals and try to avoid the negative marking. Most of the competitive examinations uses the objective questions to assess the performance of the candidates with negative marking. For such kind of competitive examinations this course is useful.

For any queries you can cross check the basics or join for the other courses and test series launched by Intelligent Freshers.

Following is course outline


1.  Introduction to the course

2: Electric Network : 4 questions

3. Control Systems : 4 Questions

4. Electromagnetics : 5 Questions

5. Digital Circuits : 3 Questions

6. Signals and Systems : 2 Questions

7: Analog Circuits and OP-AMP : 3 Questions

8. Electronic Devices and Circuits : 1 Question

9. Analog and Digital communications : 3 Questions

10. Mathematics : 2 Questions

11. Concluding session


Who this course is for:

  • Students preparing for the GATE, ESE or other electronics and competitive examinations

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