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Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet

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A course that helps to read and recognize Arabic letters

What you’ll learn

  • You will be introduced to the Arabic Alphabet, their pronunciation, their shapes and how to remember them
  • You will identify Arabic letters.
  • You will practice pronunciation of each letter.
  • You will learn how to discriminate between similar letters.
  • You learn how to remember the shape of each letter.
  • You will recall Arabic letters.
  • You will practice writing Arabic letters

Course content

30 total mins


  • no prerequisites
  • a pen and a paper to practice writing


“Introduction to Arabic Alphabet” is a course for complete beginners with little or no previous experience of Arabic. It introduces them to Arabic letters, their pronunciation, and their shapes. It also teaches learners how distinguish between similar letters and how to remember the shape of each letter.  Each letter is represented by a picture that can be used as a mnemonic to help learners to remember its the shape. I also allows learners to practice writing letters.

The course includes six sections. Each section includes a video, a quiz and a writing practice.  The duration of each video is no more than 6 minutes. The quizzes also are short do not require more than 5 minutes to finish each one of them.

In this course, the Arabic Alphabet are divided into six groups according to their similarities in order to help learners to remember them. 

  • The first group includes the letters: ب ت ث ن ي

  • The second group includes the letters: ا د ذ ر ز و

  • The third group includes the letters: ج ح خ ه م

  • The fourth group includes the letters: س ش ص ض

  • The fifth group includes the letters: ف ق ك ل

  • The sixth and the last group includes the letters: ط ظ ع غ

This course is designed by me, a current Arabic instructor at one of the American universities with the hope that my students and everyone who uses it find it helpful to master the Arabic Alphabet.

So, let’s get started.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginners

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