You are currently viewing Oracle-1072-21. questions to get certified at once.

Oracle-1072-21. questions to get certified at once.

Questions with clear explanations. So you pass on your first try.

What you’ll learn

  • get access to realistic questions
  • Similar questions to the ones of the real certification
  • Clear explanations
  • Go over the main topics for the certification

Course content

188 questions


  • Enough knowledge about Oracle 1Z0-1072-21 to face this certification


Hi, here I have questions that will be useful to pass this important certification.

Each question has its own clear explanations, also these questions cover all most important topics for this certification.

Each answer includes references. That will make easier for you to understand the explanations.

Here are some topics we will cover with these tests: Configure Autoscaling, select appropriate compute choices, configure compute instances, Describe OCI compute image options.

Also, we will work with networking to address some of the following topics: Understand VCN connectivity options, Explain Load Balancing, Configure site-to-site VPN, and many others.

We’ll also work with questions related to storage, databases, Observability and Management, Identity & Access Management, and Security.

Of course, we will cover even more topics.

I do recommend to you, first study your training material, then take these tests, as if they were the real certification questions. In that way, you can have an estimation of your knowledge.

You won’t be alone, if you have any questions, I will answer in less than 24 hours.

An important aspect is that I will keep updating the questions so you always be ready to face the exam at any time.

Recommendations: First you should study fully, the topics you think are going to be touched in the actual exam, then answer each of these tests, there you will get an honest answer about your knowledge, and finally work on these tests to improve your final score on the actual exam.

Enroll to test your knowledge, you have everything to win, see you inside.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to get better job positions working in the cloud
  • Oracle students preparing to get certified

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