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Canva Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs

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Learn design the easy way with canva.

What you’ll learn

  • Welcome Video
  • Here is what you’ll get – Course Outline and Objectives
  • Lesson 1 – Set up Canva
  • Lesson 2 – Brand Kit set up for success
  • Lesson 3 – The Magic behind the templates
  • Lesson 4 – Create branded templates for social media and your website, Posts, Ads, Headers Titles , Graphics

Course content

39 total mins


  • Learner
  • No experience requird
  • No programming needed
  • You will learn everything you need to know


Are you a business owner? A small business needing help with designing a logo or branded stationery like letterheads, business cards or social media? maybe a freelance business wanting to develop your skills, but you’re not a graphic designer nor do you want to pay thousands on outsourcing anymore.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is geared towards entrepreneurs who want complete control over their branding, but don’t have time to learn complex graphic design applications.

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced users of Canva can find tools and tricks to help speed up their workflow when creating graphics for businesses.

  • Anyone who is looking for a complete Canva course that explains every tool and facet of the application should not take this course. This is a course that provides practical projects for entrepreneurs in real world settings, so not every tool and function will be explained.

Instructor Bio

Hi my name is Vanessa Williams

Creating Design Courses for your business worldwide.

Entrepreneur and graphic designer teaching you all you need to know to create beautiful graphics for your business and how to market yourself on Social Media.

I help you understand design and create engaging content for your business using Canva, this amazing platform can transform your social media posts, website and infographics .

I teach courses to 1000+ Students

Are you a new start up? A small business needing a logo and branded assets like letterheads, business cards and social media ads? A freelance business wanting to develop a personal brand, but your not a graphic designer or do not want to pay thousands or to get these assets created?

This course is an intimate and detailed guide through developing your entire brand including the creation of your logo and branded color palette and fonts that we will then use to create business cards, letterheads and social media graphics of all shapes and sizes.

You will follow me as I develop a personal brand for my freelance business. I will show you every detailand the WHY behind certain choices, there is a specific marketing tactic, reason and logic behind choices. You will also learn through this detailed process how to properly layout and design using many different dimensions and sizes, learn how to work with social media posts, how to look professional and make solid design choices even if you know nothing about design when starting this course.

There is even a exclusive facebook student group where we create conversations together and support each other as we develop our brands. I will even hold challenges to help you start to create these branded assets and give you inspiration by seeing what other students are creating. That means you are not just buying a bunch of videos in a course, but a support system and access to me as a guide through this important process of developing your brand and brand assets.

We will use Canva as our DIY tool of choice because of it’s easy access and ease of use. You do not need to know how to use Canva to feel comfortable taking this course. There is even a free version of Canva where you can still accomplish a lot talked about in this course.

So, ready to save thousands of dollars in design and marketing costs by doing it yourself? This can be a fun and enjoyable process, so let’s learn together!

Then this course is geared towards you! entrepreneurs who want complete control over their Graphic Design for their business.

I teach you how to design eye-catching graphics with this step-by-step guide using Interactive videos and workbooks. Learn the complete guide to Canva including social media, business and marketing.

We will be creating your brand board looking at colour palettes and fonts that we will we then use to create your Logo, business cards, stationery and social media ads, website, infographics.

The course is intimate and detailed guide to developing your graphic design skills. Follow my step-by-step guide as I show you how to get inspired to build your own graphics and create amazing designs for your marketing.

We will look at how to set out correct sizes and dimensions for your business assets such as Stationery, and social media. Learn how to make them look professional even if you are not a creative person when you start the course you will be at the end.

We have an exclusive Facebook Group to join where you can meet others and share your experiences and if you have any questions. You get a 1-1 call and support from me, Printable workbook, Interactive Videos and a certificate of completion.

You do not need to know how to use Canva at the beginning of the course you will learn everything you need to know whilst you learn along the way, it’s a DIY tool you can integrate in your daily routine.

Are you ready to start your graphic design journey?

Do it yourself guide! join me on this fun and interactive course, let’s learn together.

Who this course is for:

  • Small business owners,
  • creators
  • Administrators
  • Beginners

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