You are currently viewing Ichimoku Trading strategy – Advanced Strategy FOREX & Crypto

Ichimoku Trading strategy – Advanced Strategy FOREX & Crypto

Ultimate Ichimoku trading strategy – FOREX & cryptocurrency –Powerful trading strategy for day traders and swing traders

What you’ll learn

  • A powerful trading strategy that you can totally trade by using this beautiful strategy
  • Recognize trading opportunities, find the best place to enter the market, find logical TP and SL.
  • Learn different features of the ichimoku strategy
  • Ichimoku strategy patterns to maximize profits and minimize losses by finding exact entry and exit point
  • Time analysis by using Ichimoku Strategy
  • What time frames is suitable for this strategy
  • Live market examples

Course content

2 total hours


  • Basic technical analysis skills. (If you are a total beginner I recommend my “Beginner Price Action” course)
  • Being familiar with popular indicators is appreciated. (We have a course on this topic “Introduction to trading indicators” course)
  • If you want to trade you must have your own Risk Management Strategy. (We have course on this topic “Ultimate Trading Risk Management, and Trading Psychology” course)


Ichimoku indicator is one of the most powerful indicators. But wait it is really unfair to call ICHIMOKU just an indicator. Ichimoku is more than an indicator and you can call it a strategy, all you need to analyse the market is Ichimoku strategy if it suites your personality and your mindset. Now there’s no need to use bunch of indicators which will make you confused eve more than before.

Ichimuko strategy is a pretty powerful strategy that can be used with other tools we have in technical analysis for Day trading, Swing trading. You can use it from 1 minute time frame, up to even monthly time frames.

In this course we are going to learn about ichimoku features one by one, then we will about trading setups and patterns that we have in ichimoku. After learning the basics we will go to live market and you will learn what to do in different positions, coming up with the possible logical scenarios in each position is my main goal through this course.

I don’t want to give you classical example and all of my examples will be in the live market. In the end of the course I will show you where to put your stop loss and target point, because a strategy without stop loss point is not a strategy at all.

These course is not completed yet and you will get constantly updates for free.

Like any other skill to change your knowledge into skill you will need to practice a lot and you have the chance to make your own mistakes, but in the beginning I really recommend to practice in a demo account. But the important thing is to start now So enroll in the course right now and let us help you grow.

See you back in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Any trader that want to trade with a pretty powerful strategy
  • Traders that love analyzing using indicators will love this strategy
  • Traders who are confused because of using different tools and indicators
  • Traders who want to trade with a logical strategy that doesn’t require a lot of time. Short term traders and long-term investors.

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