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Strong Textured Pixie Haircut – Become a Haircutter Unit 13

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The 2-dimensional Pixie haircut

What you’ll learn

  • Two dimension Pixie haircut
  • Workflow – Blowdrying – Drycutting
  • Vertical sections transferred mobil around the head
  • Interior area is rounded to create a feminine look

Course content

43 total mins


  • Beginners should complete BECOME A HAIRCUTTER, Unit 1 – 10, before they start. Professionals can start already.


Short hair was already a sign of real strength and independence – only after the First World War in the 1920s did women start wearing short hairstyles (mostly bob with perm). They stood for the working, active woman and were a sign of the liberation from old social structures. It got even shorter in the 1960s. The model Twiggy made the pixie famous. That too was a real revolution, after all really short hair was only for men at that time. But Twiggy and her pixie prevailed – millions of women copied the cut and emulated the cover images of the mannequin. By the way, the name Pixie means elf. The cut bears the name because it not only gives its wearers something strong, but also something elven and delicate at the same time.

A classic pixie cut is characterized by short hair on the sides and nape, the top hair, on the other hand, is longer and can be styled as bangs in the forehead or with gel up / back, depending on your preference. By combining different hair lengths and a lot of texture, the pixie cut is incredibly versatile to style and always looks feminine.

The 2-dimensional Pixie haircut is built on vertical sections that are transferred mobile and 2-dimensional around the rounding of the head. This method originated in the men’s salon, but also brings a fantastic look to a short women’s haircut. The interior area is gently rounded to create a feminine look.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and Professionals

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