You are currently viewing Automate with Pyautogui. Even python beginners can use it.

Automate with Pyautogui. Even python beginners can use it.

First Steps to Automation in Python. Automate your mouse and keyboard operations and get free time.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Pyautogui
  • How to use Python
  • How to use time
  • How to automate in python

Course content

32 total mins


  • Python
  • Pyautogui
  • time


Once you have the basics of programming down and are able to write programs little by little, you will have the desire to “automate various things! I want to automate a lot of things! That was the case with me.

PyAutoGUI” is one of the libraries to power up Python. Specifically, it is a library that allows you to programmatically execute keyboard and mouse operations.

If keyboard and mouse operations can be automated, what can you do?

If you have a large number of the same repetitive tasks, automate them and you will never have to operate a computer again. You can have a cup of coffee or read a book while you work. Run it before you go to bed and it will do the work while you sleep. Automation gives you more time.

I’m a little late, but I’d like to introduce myself. After working as a guitar and furniture maker, I became independent. Currently, I manufacture and manage original brands and OEM production. I have also been studying IT before becoming independent. I am a producer, IT person, and manager.

Environment construction is not explained.

Please have pyautogui and time available.

Use jupyter notebook.

The operation screen of Mac is recorded.

Windows users, please set command to ctrl and option to alt.

I create my courses in the form of scripted reading. I also cut out as much silence as possible. Please be aware that it may sound monotonous. If you feel that the speed of speech is too fast or too slow, please use Udemy’s speed adjustment to make it easier for you to learn. So let’s get started together!

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to use pyautogui
  • People who want to know what pyautogui can do
  • People who want to automate

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