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Economics – Gold Investment and Price Inflation

A Guide for Gold Investors and Economists

What you’ll learn

  • Why prices go up over time
  • What impacts the price of gold
  • inflation and currency debasement
  • investing in gold, pros and cons

Course content

1 total hour


  • A very basic understanding of economics will help


The course is delivered by Auronum and features advanced economic theory and empirical findings to explain why prices of consumer goods go up over time and discusses some reasons why prices should actually go down, not up.

The course will walk you through how the government measures price inflation and why this is flawed. You will also learn about currency debasement and how this impacts your cash deposits and sends ripple effects through the broader economy.   

Auronum is a UK bullion company and has extensive knowledge of the precious metal industry which is broadcasted in our weekly precious metal reports at our website. The students on this course will benefit from this knowledge and use what is learned to make profitable investment decisions.

The content in this course is tailored to students with a basic understanding of economics, however, the lay person will be able to keep up with the course and benefit from its content just as much. The student will learn the complex topic of seigniorage and how this impacts our savings.

To finish the course, the student will understand why currency is debased, how it is debased and how this impacts the typical person. We will also discuss how to protect oneself from currency debasement.

Who this course is for:

  • investors, market analysts and business owners

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