You are currently viewing Technical Analysis Trading Bootcamp – Stocks, Crypto & Forex

Technical Analysis Trading Bootcamp – Stocks, Crypto & Forex

Technical analysis made simple – Trade stocks, crypto, forex & commodities with Technical Analysis,

What you’ll learn

  • Analyze any market whether it’s stocks, crypto, forex, or comodities
  • Make consistent profits using technical analysis in a scientific way
  • Create your own trading strategies as the well known ones never work
  • Reduce your risk of taking wrong trades using effective risk management
  • Learn on industry leading tools and optimize your trades

Course content

2.5 total hours


  • PC or Laptop (at least 10 Inch Screen)
  • CC or PayPal for Verification on trading platforms (You will not be Charged )


Gain the ability to invest in stocks, crypto, forex and commodities using Technical Analysis based on various scientific principles. You will learn how to use a charting platform,  draw like a chartist, analyze like an evaluator and create your own strategy as a master trader!

Technical Analysis is used by all Top Finance Institutions. Banks and FIIs use it to take their intraday, swing and short term trades. Sometimes they even use it to back up their fundamental analysis.

Now you can learn how to analyze any chart in no time

In This Course Will Teach You

  • How to get access to and use the tradingview platform for free.

  • How to draw trends, levels and ratios on charts properly

  • How to take trades using technical indicators and your self created strategies.

This course is designed for common people (retail investors) in mind. There are plenty of courses for institutional investors but we at IIFPIA focus on retail as they are the most overlooked segment who needs help.

So if you are a student, a working professional or a full time trader / investor, This course will add a vast amount of skill and experience to your life.

This course includes Real Life Case Studies where we do the analysis of US and Indian companies stocks, Forex as well as Crypto Currencies for you in Realtime giving you the practical experience.

There is no need to fear with the Udemy 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
If you feel this course is not a good fit, just right click on the course and click on refund, it takes only a minute to get your money back. (No Questions Asked)

We look forward to see you in the course, May this be the best investment decision you make

~ International Institute of Financial Planning and Investment Advisory

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn technical analysis quickly
  • Traders who want to create their own trading strategies
  • Investors who want to minimize their risk
  • Professionals who want to quit their jobs and get into this industry full time

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