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Logo Animation Fundamentals

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Brain Storming, Sketching, Styleframes, Logo Animation

What you’ll learn

  • All fundamental that you need to do for a Logo Animation.
  • Sketching for specially logo animations.
  • Importance of storyboard and style frames.
  • Magic of easing

Course content

36 total mins


  • You need a basic knowledge of After Effects


In this course, you’ll learn all fundamentals of logo animation, this whole process will guide you on how you can animate any logo in a very creative way. You have to apply these rules to it.

So we start the logo, then create a rough sketch of it. Then we’ll analyze how we can animate it, we’ll write down every idea in our minds. After that, we’ll make a storyboard to make this idea clear. Also, I’ll share the benefits of storyboarding. Then we’ll start animating the logo. Not just animating the logo, we’ll make it more expressive step by step, and add details as much as possible. All files included. So if you are stuck anywhere, you can have a look at the files to get inspired yourself.

In this complete process, I’ll also share some useful techniques with you. Which definitely helps you through your motion design career.

This course is specially designed for people who really want to start their career as a Motion Designer, especially in the Logo Animation niche. Which also helps you to find better clients.

I would recommend going through every single lesson and following this course step by step to see the maximum result.

Who this course is for:

  • This course specially for beginner who really want to learn Logo Animations in After Effects.

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