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Play Accordion For Beginners: Songs, Chords & Techniques

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From Beginner To MASTER ACCORDIONIST! Play You Favorite Songs By Ear Using Chord Progressions & Professional Techniques

What you’ll learn

  • Master The Accordion From 0 knowledge.
  • Basics Of Music Theory That Are Necessary In Order To Play The Instrument.
  • Reading Notes ( Only 1 Section But Full of Informations And Interactive Lectures)
  • Special Technic While Playing Music.
  • Adding Beats To A Song With The Accordion
  • Professional Methods Of Playing In The Bass Notes

Course content

2 total hours


  • No Music Knowledge or Experience Is Required To This Course
  • An Accordion of course so we can play and apply our music on it
  • The Desir To Learn This Amazing Instrument, and To Discover More About It


You want to play accordion but you didn’t find someone who will teach you every step in this instrument starting from 0?

You have been searching for ineffective videos-that are most of the time wrong- to learn how to play the accordion?Do you think that a 10 minutes video will be enough to understand all the technics and methods to play this instrument?You heard that you need sheet music in front of you to play a song?ARE YOU OKAY WITH THAT?

Well, you surely need this course to make things clear: We are learning to play by ear and not a tutorial on how to play like others. You are going to develop your own method of playing by ear through this course that was structured to start from the beginning. If you already know some accordion or music, no problem. I am sure you can find out some useful informations on how to play by ear or improvise. We are going in this can from a super beginner level, to an advanced level!

There’s more than 100 lectures. What are we going to do through all of those?

The short way of explaining it is: We will learn some basic information, use it to play new pop songs and then use all of this to play by ear. After playing by ear we are going to make it sound fancier by adding some beautiful notes then put a beat to the song that we will form. All of that in our accordion:

It’s divided into 15 sections: 


We’ll start by learning the position of holding the accordion, the basic rules while we are playing it, how this instrument works and how to not damage it. Then I will how the course is structured (Sections, lectures and Challenges)

Section 1: Skilling with the right hand

In this section we’ll locate the right hand notes(white + black keys), then we will learn some special keys names. We’ll look into double sharps and flats to understand more how the right hand keyboard works. And surely end it with the BBTC(Big brain Test Challenge) to test your knowledge so you can move to the next section.

Section 2: Scales in accordion music

First thing, we’ll introduce the scale and know there importance in music. We’ll study the how to count steps in music, and learn the difference between Major and minor scales. Why? We’ll need these informations in the play by ear part. Then we’ll learn the piano octave to make our music better + BBTC.

Section 3: Right hand intervals

This section introduce us to a new world: The Intervals. I will teach you what are intervals, how to form them in a way that will help us to develop our musical ear. We’ll end the right hand chapter with a lecture full of songs, so you can discover how to play them in order to enjoy the fun of learning accordion. Don’t forget the BBTC 😉

Section 4: Bass notes-Root Notes Row

We’ll move on to the left hand, understanding the Bass Notes Function, then learning how to play them in a correct way, also how to play scales in the left hand. The best part of this section, is that we’ll start mixing our songs with the left hand, so they will sound better with this good accompaniement.

Section 5: Bass notes-Major Chord Row

In this section, we’ll learn how to form the major chord, then locating it in the left hand ( 1 button ) to mix it with our songs like Perfect- Ed Sheeran, Easy On Me- Adele. At the end of this section, I will teach you some of my best methods that I’ve learn through the time : The Pattern 4-3-2-3

Section 6: Bass notes-Minor chords

This section will let us discover a new row in the left hand called the minor row: How to build them, locating them, playing them, mix them with our music and don’t forget my method in the minor chords: The Pattern 4-2-3-2. We’ll play some popular songs like Bella Ciao…

Section 7: Inversions

We’ll learn what are inversions, why we use them, and how to form them. We’ll study many types of them and put them into our music. Then after the BBTC, there’s a lecture full songs that we’ll play them on the accordion!

Section 8: The 7th Chords

I’ll introduce to you the different types of 7th Chords: Major, minor, dominant…Then we will learn my special pattern(4-2-3-2)that will help us in many types of songs. We’ll also discover the inversions of the 7th Chords + Practicing some popular songs that are related to this type of Chord

Section 9: Bass Notes- The Counter Bass

In This Section, we’ll learn about the last row of accordion left hand: The Counter Bass + I will teach you how it will faciliate out work while music with songs, scales…

Section 10: The Chords Progression

Here, things are getting more advanced, we’ll start learning how to discover the Chords of a song, by learning first thing the scale degrees of the chords, then discovering the relative Major and minor. We’ll also study together some of the rules and methods that we usually use in the chords progression. This section will prepare us to the play by ear part.

Section 11: Play By Ear- Understand The Basic

The part that we have been waiting for from the beginning of our course!

We’ll discover the specific technic to play by ear (know the song, major or minor, know the key…). This Section will be a bridge that will take us from intermediate to professional, because we’ll start learning pro methods in music! Don’t worry, if you have stick to every lecture before, it will be easy for you to understand what we will do! But If not, you will find it hard to start from the middle of the road

Section 12: Play by Ear- Master The Chords

My favorite section of this course, we will directly learn the way to know every chord of any song that we hear, that I will teach you how to transpose music to another level(if you’re playing with someone, or singing and your voice is not comfortable with the key). We’ll also play a lot of songs so we can enjoy the taste of music

Section 13: Making Our Music Better

In this section, I will introduce you some small tricks in music ( Beautiful Notes that will make our music better) such as the passing tones, the trill, the grupetto, appogiatura….We will also learn how to divide the chords into notes that we’ll play them in form of a beat to the song that we’ll form

Section 14: Understand Sheet Music

Don’t worry, it’s not the annoying part of music : Reading notes on the staff with bla bla

We can’t finish a music course and we don’t know basic of the staff, and that’s what I’m going to teach you in this section

Section 15: Bonus Section- Adding Power To Our Music

The Funniest section in this course, because you, the professional accordionist, will be mixing beats and adding power to the song that you’ve formed all over the course. I will teach you many types of beat, and how to add them in a correct way to our music

Hope you enjoyed the plan of our course, and hopefully see you Inside. What are you waiting, do you want to only read this, Or to take action?

I will see you in the first lecture!

Who this course is for:

  • People Who Are Inspired Of Special Instrument : The Accordion
  • Students That Are Ready To Learn This New Instrument

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