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The Complete Course on Data Cleaning in MS Excel

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Learn all functions and features of MS Excel 2019+ to clean the data and make meaningful interpretations

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of MS Excel
  • Learn Shortcuts commonly used in MS Excel
  • 20 plus data cleaning techniques to make a meaningful interpretation of the work
  • Converting Messy data into Ready Data for Analysis
  • Learn WHY HOW and WHEN you need to clean the data

Course content

1.5 total hours


  • You will need a Laptop/PC with any version of Excel installed in it
  • Basic understanding of Excel operations like opening, closing and saving a file


Excel is one of the most in-demand skills at all levels and having complete knowledge of this tool will help you to grow and earn.

Data is the new oil. Data that is downloaded from software, and survey forms have errors in terms of formatting, duplications, numbers saved as text, numbers saved as negative, etc.,

There is a need to clean all these data errors to prepare the data for a meaningful and insightful interpretation

Once the data is cleaned and prepared, further analytics can be done easily

Data handling is the most sought-after skill in today’s digital world. Whether you are a student, young professional, businessman, or freelancer, everyone needs to understand the data and make the most of the same. This basic course will help you to understand the basic functions to clean the data and prepare for the further analysis

The course covers basic functions to understand the working of MS Excel and then 15+ functions to prepare the data

Learn all functions, and features of MS Excel 2019+ to clean the data and make meaningful interpretations

Text Functions

Text to Column Function

Line Break

Convert Numbers saved as text

Remove Duplicates

Remove Extra spaces

Delete Blank Rows and Columns

We wish the best of luck to all our dear learners

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are undergoing Summer Internship Projects and have to clean the survey data to make their reports stand out.
  • Researchers who want to clean the survey data
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career in data analysis or business intelligence

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