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Introduction to Ethereum with Solidity and React

Learn how Ethereum works by writing Smart Contracts in Solidity and building a React app that you’ll deploy to prod!

What you’ll learn

  • Set up your Ethereum development environment
  • Write your first smart contract with Solidity
  • Learn to run and test your contracts on a local blockchain
  • Deploy to the real Polygon blockchain
  • Learn how Solidity works by reading and writing blockchain data
  • Set up a React application and build a wallet connect button with Metamask
  • Interact with your smart contract from the browser with React
  • Send ETH tokens from your smart contract to users
  • Randomly pick users to send prizes to and prevent spammers

Course content

2.5 total hours


  • Basics of JavaScript (ES6)
  • Basics of React (useState and useEffect)


Curious about Ethereum? Wondering how the blockchain works? Want to figure out wtf smart contracts are? This course is exactly what you need!

Web3 development is a pretty new thing. There are lots of resources out there that try and explain everything but will just send you to sleep. This project guide will walk you through everything you need to do to build your own web3 Twitter on the Ethereum blockchain. No more reading blog posts or Twitter threads. Learn web3 by building it yourself!


Hardhat is the most popular development environment used by professional smart contract developers. We’re going to set it up on our machine, learn how to use it to run smart contracts, create our own local Ethereum blockchain and deploy our contracts to a real network. No playgrounds, we’re going to do it just like the pros!

The most popular Smart Contract programming language in the universe, Solidity has a great learning curve and is very easy to pick up for Javascript and Python developers. We’ll learn the basic structure of a smart contract, build it out so we can store custom data in it and make it send tokens to users! Learning Solidity is like a cheat code for making money.  Come find out how billions of dollars are secured using this language!


Ethereum is expensive and slow – we’re going to be using the Polygon Proof of Stake chain, which is built on top of Ethereum but is much faster and 1000x cheaper! Everything on Polygon works exactly like it does on Ethereum, including the smart contracts and the web apps, so you’ll get the best of both worlds!


The most popular front-end framework comes to web3. You’ll build out your own React application that will interact with our deployed smart contract and will display data from the blockchain.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner web developers curious about web3, Ethereum or Solidity
  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to become smart contract engineers

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