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Study Habits & Memory Improved by Using Hypnosis for Study

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Hypnosis can help you study by feeling more relaxed as you study improving memory retention for improved test results

What you’ll learn

  • feel more relaxed about upcoming exams
  • Use EFT emotional Freedom Technique
  • Use a physical Trigger to feel good any time
  • 21 Bonus Downloads and 5 Bonus Videos
  • Hypnosis will help you look forward to studying for excellent exam results
  • Hypnosis will improve your speed reading

Course content

1.5 total hours


  • Find somewhere you will not be disturbed for best results
  • have an open mind
  • Warning do not listen to hypnosis while driving or where you full attention is necessary


5 Star Reviews

Very relaxed, pleasant manner and well delivered hypnotic suggestions – especially nice to have the bonus resources/hypnotic downloads which I shall be playing for the next few weeks to help improve my study habits!
Carol Ward

Alan is a very experienced trainer and hypnotherapist, he has excellent explanation skills and makes it look really easy to achieve . I felt very safe and secure in the hypnosis session ad felt really engaged and amazing after i emerged. Thank you Alan you have a gift

Patricia Martin

Over 20 Hypnosis and EFT downloads have been added as a bonus in this course

This course was created to give you the student an experience equaling a private hypnosis session here with me because Hypnosis will help you learn how to change if you struggle with studying and keep making excuses as to why you should not study because it makes you feel bad or you find it difficult to stay focused on the subjects you have to study.

This has to be the course for you to change your whole relationship to study and studying bringing with it the benefits of excellent exam results.

How you are going to achieve this by taking this course is by using natures gift Hypnosis a personal change experience that has been used for thousands of years in the healing temples in Egypt.

you will also be learning NLP Neuro linguistic programming techniques that will allow you to feel really great and have feelings of excellence any time.

With hypnosis you will be programming your mind to enjoy studying and also a special bonus section with a hypnosis session to improve reading speed and information retention.

  What I will teach you in this course Hypnosis for Students improve study habits guided Hypnosis  

  1. What you want to get from this course

  2. But I don’t Visualize yes you Do

  3. Feel good anytime

  4. Power of your imagination Finger magnets

  5. Power of your imagination Hand magnets

  6. Power of your imagination Balloon and book

  7. The opposition response

  8. The power of words

  9. You cannot be hypnotized against your will

  10. Instructions for best results from your Hypnosis session

  11. Enjoy studying Hypnosis

  12. How to have a feeling of Excellence anytime

How to use and apply EFT in the bonus section an amazingly powerful technique that can eliminate any limiting bad feelings that have been stopping you from feeling great studying

Bonus Videos

  1. What is EFT

  2. Eliminate bad feelings with EFT

  3. How to Study what you Hate

  4. Reduce Anxiety about exams

  5. Getting the most from Hypnosis

Bonus Downloads

  1. Speed Reading Hypnosis

  2. EFT Instructions

  3. Breathing Exercise EFT

  4. Negative Emotions Session

  5. Mopping Up Section

  6. Emotional First Aid On Tap PDF

  7. EFT Tapping Points Instructions PDF

  8. Perfect Memory Hypnosis

  9. Perfect Study Habits Hypnosis

  10. Assertiveness Hypnosis

  11. Beat Writers Block Hypnosis

  12. Creativity Hypnosis.

  13. Find Your Passion Hypnosis

  14. Hypnotic Holiday

  15. Improve Your Eyesight Hypnosis

  16. Inner Wisdom Meet the Wise Old Man Hypnosis

  17. Motivation For Success Hypnosis

  18. Perfect Interview Confidence Hypnosis

  19. Power Nap Hypnosis

  20. Solve Problems as you Sleep Hypnosis

  21. Super Self Confidence Hypnosis

Who this course is for:

  • If you are not willing to make changes to have success
  • If you are not willing to be hypnotized to use the amazing power of your own mind hidden from your conscious awareness
  • Hypnosis is not for you If you are not willing to engage in all the important and essential exercises

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